This is a follow up course, about QA, and refers to 573.09, but is a little more in depth about the audit than our first course. It is based on our classroom Effective Auditing course, but with the restrictions on classroom training, and safety concerns, we have put it online.

There are multiple short exercises to make sure you understand, and can apply, the principles, and we offer a follow up phone consultation with Dave to answer any questions you may have, and to check your exercise answers with him. This will help give you some interaction with the 'Instructor', and give you a better understanding of the material.

Please let us know how this has worked for you, as we want to make it as comprehensive and user friendly as we can.

Thank you
Sue Yost

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    All about audits

    • Module 1 - Part 1

    • Test for Part 1

    • Module 1 - Part 2

    • Test for Part 2

    • Module 1 - Part 3

    • Test for Part 3

    • Module 1 - Part 4

    • Test for Part 4

    • Module 1 - Part 5

    • Module 1 - Part 6 - Exercises

    • Test for Part 5 & 6

About the instructor


David O'Brien

Dave has been a QA Manager for the past 22+ years, is a lead auditor, and principal instructor for all CARs courses, as well as QA and SMS. HPA welcomed him as a partner about 6 years ago, and he is a valuable resource for the company, and to our students. He conducts independent audits, can help set up, or troubleshoot, manuals and QA systems, and is always available for support and help during, or after, a course.He has cats, dogs and horses, all rescued, participates in agility and scent training with the three dogs, and is an active volunteer at agility and scent events.

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