Human Error is present in all walks of life, in all types of workplaces, and affects any or all of us at some point in the day, whether we are at work, driving home, or involved in extracurricular activities. It affects both our physical and mental capabilities, and can play havoc with desired results at work, and with safety and efficiency.

Human Factors training will help to bring the most common causes of errors to the forefront, so that they can be recognized, and safety nets can be put into place to prevent their re-occurrence

The culture of the workplace starts at the top levels, and is crucial to a safe outcome at the end of the day, affecting AME's, pilots, production, R & O, managers, owners, apprentices...... everyone involved in the operation will be affected by the safe, or unsafe, culture. 

The frequency, repetition, and severity of errors, incidents and accidents in your workplace will give a clue as to the culture....a safe working culture will have minimal occurrences, and the slips, lapses and errors made by people will be investigated and corrected in a just, and fair, manner.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Navigating this course

    • Navigating this course

  • 2

    HF intro and history

    • Human Factors introduction and history

  • 3

    Organizational Failures

    • Air Ontario-what happened video

    • Air Ontario - Case Study

    • Air Ontario video - Moshansky

    • Organizational failures

    • Org Failures Quiz

  • 4

    Error Management and Human Performance

    • Error Mangement

    • Error Reporting

    • Air Investigation video - Extraordinary cases

    • Types of Errors

    • Components of Error Management

    • Human Performance

  • 5

    Dirty Dozen-Fatigue and Distractions

    • HF intro video

    • Fatigue

    • Counting sleep video

    • Fatigue and Distractions Quiz

    • Distractions

  • 6

    Complacency and Awareness

    • Awareness - Moonwalking Bear

    • Aloha Case Study

    • Aloha video

    • Awareness and Complacency

    • Complacency and Awareness quiz

  • 7

    Communication, Teamwork, Pressure and Stress

    • Communication

    • Teamwork

    • Steve Jobs interview video

    • Pressure and Stress 1/2

    • Pressure and Stress 2/2

    • Teams, communication, pressure and stress quiz

  • 8

    Norms and Assertiveness

    • Norms

    • American Engine Change Video

    • Norms Safety Nets

    • Norms and Assertiveness quiz

    • Lack of Assertiveness

  • 9

    Lack of Knowledge and Resources

    • Lack of Knowledge and Resources

    • Flysafe PIlatus HF story

    • Lack of Knowledge and Resources quiz

  • 10

    The final test

    • The final test

    • Final test 1/4

    • Final test 2/4

    • Final test 3/4

    • Final quiz 4/4

    • The last step

Sign up now for your Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance course. It will take approx 4-5 hours depending upon your reading and comprehension skills, and there is a test at the end that requires 80% to pass.

Contact us if you have questions or for more information, at or call 613-652-4312

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