Welcome to the Part Certification Course

Presented by HPA Consultants

This is a Part Certification Computer Based Training as outlined in CAR 561, 571 and 573. This program covers the 9 different types of parts you will be dealing with, and the certification requirements for each. It is is divided into two parts...types of parts, and certification, and after each there is a quiz. The pass mark for the quizzes is corrected to 100%, and after you pass you will receive a certificate. We also provide training support, so if you have questions during the course, or afterwards, you can contact us and we will address your concerns.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Navigating the Course

    • Navigating this course

  • 2

    Part Certification-Types and Certification

    • Part types, Section 1

    • Part Types, Section 2

    • QUIZ 1-Part Types

    • Part Certification Part 1

    • Part Certification Part 2

    • Part Certification Part 3

    • Quiz 2 Certifications

    • Quiz 3 Certifications